Kobling cykeltrailer tout terrain

Kobling V2 cykeltrailer tout terrain

349,00 kr.
Inkl. moms

Quickkobling til tout terrains cykeltrailere.

The trailer hitch is made of extremely robust and durable CrMo steel. A nickel coating provides corrosion protection and gives it a slightly golden surface color. The textured surface increases the friction between at the interface with the cross-link and provides a stiff, play-free connection to the trailer.

The latest version V2 also has a wider slot which allows the hitch to slip over dropper post cables and hydraulic hoses making for easier installation and removal.

Hitches come in two base diameters 30 and 35 mm. For other sizes shims will be included.

Sadelpinds diameter :
: Kobling cykeltrailer

Kobling til tout terrains cykeltrailere.

Har du brug for at kunne koble din tout terrain cykeltrailer på flere cykler, så er det denne ekstra kobling du har brug for. 

Kobling cykeltrailer

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