About The Way to Bike


We are your online belt drive bicycle retailer with a physical shop and mechanic in Copenhagen.


Visit us at Lindhart Cykler, Rømersgade 7, 1362 Kbh. K.

Open 10-18 Monday-Thursday. 10-16 Friday.  



We are belt drive enthusiasts, and we are proud to offer you a handpicked selection of quality urban belt bikes, and Gates Carbon Drive parts.

We do our utmost to satisfy your requests and will help you rediscover the joy of biking with a bike equipped with Gates Carbon Drive belt.

Loyalty, integrity and trust are keywords in all our contacts.

Our mission is to provide you with a clean, quiet and performing quality urban commuter belt bike.

Join the Quest.

Feel free to contact us by e-mail.

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General Services 

The Way to Bike is always helpful finding a solution. We have a large selection of bikes, accessories, and spare parts available to and from the world of cycling enthusiasts. We are happy to help with technical information and guidance to your projects - we are specialists in belt drive bicycles. 

You can also buy belt bikes, accessories and spare parts outside the webshop. Just contact us by e-mail or visit our shop. The Way to Bike prioritize service and offers many customized solutions. We know our customers are unique and we are as well.


The Way to Bike appreciate technology, innovation and the conscious expression belt-bikes sends to your social circle. Light and elegant.

Our belt-bikes are ideal for both the daily commute bike ride to work, the pleasant Sunday stroll to the city and the active workout in the afternoon.

Commuter bikes with a focus on performance and expression. Some will also call them city bikes, urban bikes or transit bikes.

In addition to our selection of commuter bikes The Way to Bike also offers belt-bikes in Cyclocross, MTB, Touring, Trekking, Expedition, folding Bikes and E-bikes.

We have carefully selected our suppliers to ensure broad range without compromising on the quality of bike and components.

With belt-drive from Gates Carbon Drive there’s no chain to lubricate, avoiding oil on hands and pants.

You will "Rediscover the joy of biking" with your belt-bike. You will experience a silence; you did not know was missing, while each thread marks the constant and clean features high quality belt-drive bikes delivers. In addition, you will meet admiring glances from the other cyclists and think:

"When you need to wash the salt and dirt of your worn chain, I will use the time on what I love the most, and still have a clean line next time I go on tour."

Belt-bikes - the future.


The Way to Bike – Rediscover the joy of biking.

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